Fast, private, and secure platform for business communication

RAIDAtechnology means a quantum-safe communication platform that empowers your audience with fast and secure video storage and transmission.

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Collaborate and share ideas with confidence

Privacy at its best

Cutting-edge patented technology allows Data Supremacy for the first time.

Fastest delivery

Communicate with others in real time, with no delays affecting your conversation.

Share larger files

Move files up to 2.5 gigabytes quickly and securely.

Stop email attacks

Stop spam, ransomware attacks and phishing with world-class security.

Why choose RAIDAtech?

More than just private messaging

Instant messaging, high-quality video conferencing, sending and receiving large files, and creating circles for group messaging; whether for professional projects or a private chat.

Everything is encrypted and shredded

The messages, files, and metadata are encrypted and shared across 25 servers to provide the best possible privacy to the customers. Even the organization can’t know what your data is.

Any size and anywhere: send it instantly

Get more value out of sending larger attachments anywhere around the globe, available in milliseconds.

Finally, stop the hack. Achieve true security.

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