Central Bank Digital Currencies

Revolutionary digital currencies

RAIDA empowers sovereign nations to manage their digital economy in faster, more efficient and sustainable ways

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CBDCs made simple and secure


With no fees, the fastest transaction times, and the most scalability, your economy will be on hyperdrive.


Even your own system administrators have no means of double-spending, counterfeiting, or hacking. Always available.


Move money anywhere in the world in an instant. Compatible with current payment systems– including retail POS (Point of Sale) systems, such as those in grocery stores.


No user accounts, no transaction recording, no identifying information. 4th Amendment compliant.


Track, verify, and maintain a permanent tamper-proof record for bilateral settlements with our additional SkyVault software for Banks.

Why choose us?

Transfer money without fees

RAIDA technology uses less electricity than any other payment system in the world–and is the only system that requires no transaction fees.

Globally scalable

RAIDA can handle the entire world’s economic activity simultaneously. RAIDA can handle transactions in milliseconds, regardless of the number of users.

Proven, patented technology

Exclusive and new, RAIDA-based currencies are the next-generation digital currency technology. RAIDA-based currencies are file-based and don’t require expensive and slow encryption. RAIDA updates and records on multiple servers in parallel,
so handling millions of transactions takes less than a second.
Are you ready to transform your country’s economy?


RAIDA uses UDP rather than slower TCP. UPD is a lighter protocol and dramatically reduces network latency.


RAIDA uses AES rather than less secure SSL. AES bypasses SSL’s half-second handshake for greater speed and efficiency


RAIDA is quantum-safe. Currencies cannot be permanently lost. The risk of theft is mitigated.


Transactions per second

1 home

Energy usage per year



Are you ready to transform your country’s economy?

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