Accelerate digital transformation with customizable RAIDA tokens

A variety of tokenization options to fulfill all the needs of the 21st century.

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High performance and flexibility that eliminates transaction fees

Faster and cheaper

Conduct any financial transactions within milliseconds with no fees.


Eliminates wasteful middlemen, market-makers, and intermediaries.


RAIDA is the most energy energy-efficient settlement system in the world.

RAIDA tokens

RAIDA tokens are customizable to bring any of your products into a RAIDA network– making them secure, fast, private, and efficient.





Non-Fungible Tokens

Customizable tokens

Utility tokens

Build low-cost, efficient and environmentally sustainable products for real-world utilities like user ID, coupons, etc.

Gift cards

Game coins


Security tokens

Trading financial assets like stocks and bonds should happen in milliseconds. Trade instantly for no fee, regardless of the size of the shares.



Real estate

Payment tokens

Build safe and secure payment systems enabling privacy for your customers—faster transaction and easily scalable.

Payment systems

Digital currencies

Introducing Data Supremacy

Data Supremacy describes data structures that are so secure and private that hackers, governments, tech giants and even their system administrators can’t bring them down. Only three database technologies have achieved Data Supremacy: The blockchain, DNS root servers and RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). The root DNS was not built to store data, and the blockchain cannot store large amounts of data economically. But RAIDA meets all requirements to outperform its competitors overall.

Enter the world of digital transformation with RAIDA

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