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What is RAIDAtech?

RAIDAtech is a technology and software with services (SwS) company that creates innovative, next-generation authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions. RAIDAtech is based in the American state of Wyoming–which has been on the forefront of creating an environment that is friendly to new technologies.

What is RAIDA?

RAIDA is a patented (#10,650,375) digital authentication and counterfeit detection solution with a wide variety of potential applications. RAIDA is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents.

The technology, developed by inventor Sean Worthington, can confirm the authenticity and ownership of any digital file. RAIDA is a post-blockchain process that solves the physical integrity problem and prevents double double-spending. RAIDA can easily quickly identify digital forgeries.

RAIDA is a post-blockchain, quantum-safe alternative to distributed ledger technology (DLT) that can be used to execute virtually any current or future DLT function with greater privacy, efficiency, and speed at lower financial and environmental cost.

How does RAIDA work?

RAIDA uses a double-layered authentication procedure, unlike a distributed ledger. The first layer confirms authenticity using unique 32-bit serial numbers. The second layer confirms ownership using a password associated with that serial number. Each time a digital property changes ownership, the password is changed and registered with the RAIDA.

Any digital property can be encoded with these tiny 400-bit files. Verifying a digital file's authenticity requires sending small files to a network of no less than 25 RAIDA terminals across the globe. RAIDA servers return confirmation or denial, telling the owner whether they have an original or a counterfeit.

The process takes just milliseconds and can be used for any number of digital properties, such as: legal documents, images, movies, music, data files, etc. By embedding or associating a digital code within it, RAIDA can also authenticate physical goods such as handbags, concert tickets, sports memorabilia, pharmaceuticals, or wine bottles.

What are customized RAIDAtech solutions?

RAIDAtech creates bespoke solutions for each client, not "off-the-shelf" or "one-size-fits-all" products. Your RAIDAtech representative will meet with you to conduct an in-depth assessment of your needs with a consultative approach. They will recommend customized solutions tailored to fit your unique situation and budget.

How does RAIDAtech stop counterfeiting better than other solutions?

Most technological/anti-counterfeiting solutions rely on online/cloud databases or blockchains to reconcile authentication data. These can be easily compromised or hacked. A counterfeiter can steal an authentic code and reproduce that code thousands or millions of times, so that each counterfeit could pass a authentication tests.

But RAIDA provides security that is three-sextillion times (3e+21) stronger than cryptography. It simply cannot be hacked. RAIDA codes change every time they are authenticated; and there can never be more than one, valid, authenticated item.

How can RAIDAtech improve my bottom line?

RAIDAtech solutions do not require a data-intensive database or blockchain. They don't need vast amounts of electricity, circuitry, or processing. RAIDA operates 41,000 times more efficiently than blockchain, making it more affordable for clients and much less harmful to the environment.

RAIDAtech is also much faster than similar solutions. Time is money. It is 23,000 times faster than blockchain and capable of at least 160,000 transactions per second. RAIDA grows increasingly efficient as its network grows, while blockchain bogs down and is not scalable.

How can I apply RAIDA technology to physical products for the purpose of authentication and anti-counterfeiting?

RAIDA technology can protect physical products and goods in several ways, depending on client needs. Some clients want only the end-user to be able to authenticate the product, while others want the ability to authenticate the product. Yet others may wish to verify authenticity at multiple stages of the supply chain.

RAIDAtech solutions include:

  • Imprinting serial numbers, barcodes, or QR codes on/inside a product, label, or packaging–allowing easy authentication via smartphone.
  • Directly embedding an RFID, NFC, or Bluetooth chip into a product that can be authenticated with a smartphone.
  • Implanting an RFID, NFC, or Bluetooth chip into a product directly that can be authenticated with a smartphone.

How can RAIDAtech help me authenticate or prevent counterfeiting of digital products?

RAIDA codes can be easily embedded in any sort of digital file including text, photos, videos, or music to protect that file from being copied, altered, or counterfeited.

What sort of support does RAIDAtech offer?

RAIDAtech will assist each client: implementing solutions, ongoing technical support, and continuous account management to ensure client satisfaction.

Can you provide any examples or use cases?

Use Case: Event Tickets

Each ticket is printed with a bar code and/or QR code readable by a smartphone. The codes can even be hidden under a scratch-off! Purchasers can read the code with the RAIDAtech App. The RAIDA system verifies its authenticity and changes the code so that no copies/counterfeits are valid. No need for expensive holograms or specialized inks.

Use Case: Wine/Spirits/Beverages

The RAIDA system verifies the authenticity and changes the code so that no copies are valid. The codes can even be hidden under a scratch-off! Purchasers can read the code with RAIDAtech App.

Use Case: Digital Currency

RAIDAtech has developed a portfolio of cross-vertical applications for digital currency.

CloudCoin is the first cloud-based digital currency, and the first that cannot be hacked, counterfeited, or permanently lost. It takes just milliseconds to trade, and can be 100 percent anonymous. Each CloudCoin note has embedded serial numbers for authentication. The serial numbers (or passports) are sharded and distributed across the RAIDA network of nodes whenever a CloudCoin note is spent or transferred.

The RAIDA network then reconstructs the shredded data, thereby re-authenticating it and eliminating the need for public ledgers and other blockchain inefficiencies.

What do you mean by "quantum-safe"?

Continuous advances in quantum computing threaten to completely nullify the centerpiece of distributed ledger (blockchain) technology: asymmetric elliptic curve cryptography.

Many experts believe that the Quantum Era is already upon us. Quantum computers rely on quantum mechanical phenomena like entanglement and superposition to operate on quantum bits of data (Qubits). Traditional bits are binary: they consist of ones and zeroes. Essentially speaking, Qubits can be ones, zeroes–or both at the same time; making quantum computing millions of times faster.

To protect privacy, financial security, and intellectual property, the next generation of computing can only be effective if it is quantum-safe and addresses blockchain's scalability, efficiency, governance, and environmental harms. RAIDAtech has the world's only quantum-safe technology, which solves all these issues, and more.

What is Software with Service (SwS)?

SwS is a next-generation service concept where all deliverables embody the DIFM (do-it-for-me) trend, upgrading "as-a-service" (SaS) to "with-service" for completely supported offerings packaged within applications. SwS results in a superior user experience that can only result from a human touch. SwS enterprises may take longer to scale, but are harder to replicate and have much greater potential for dominant market share.

SwS builds a foundation for ongoing success with partnerships that involve proactive communication and support. SwS providers work with clients through all stages of setup, installation, and implementation to ensure client-centered solutions that are employed to the fullest possible potential.

SwS firms utilize extensive product and industry sector expertise to anticipate and prevent problems, rather than troubleshoot problems after the fact. Providers communicate regularly to offer advice and suggestions and to ensure client satisfaction.

Can I license RAIDAtech technology?

Yes. In some circumstances, RAIDAtech does license the patented RAIDA technology so clients can develop their own solutions using next-generation protocols. Clients generally find it more cost effective to let RAIDAtech's team of experts build solutions; but some clients have proprietary or security concerns requiring in-house development. Speak to your RAIDAtech representative for more details.

Can my company enter a joint venture with RAIDAtech?

Yes. RAIDAtech has begun forming partnerships to develop joint ventures under certain circumstances. Speak to your RAIDAtech representative to explore this option.