The world’s most secure and private data solution

There is a new data structure like blockchain that makes data unhackable.
It’s called RAIDA

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Integrity. Availability. Confidentiality.

Unbreakable security

Keep private files confidential with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security.

No data loss

RAIDA redundancy ensures no systemic risk of failure, data loss, or unavailability.


Data shredding, AES encryption, and UDP protocols make RAIDA the fastest data storage platform.

Why choose us?

Stop the hack

The globalization of businesses using distributed ledger technology is complex and costly. RAIDA uses more efficient technology instead of a public ledger, which makes it easy in terms of scalability.

Shred the data

Shred your data across multiple servers so it cannot be compromised–because each server only has a fraction of the shredded data.

World’s most secure communications

RAIDA’s file transfer and communication systems shred the messages and encrypt them using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It cannot be compromised–even by quantum computers.

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