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Next-Generation Customer Engagement Solutions

RAIDA Engage™ technology was developed to provide secure, efficient ways to maximize and capitalize on digital currencies. Extensive market research, analysis and development are allowing RAIDAtech to deliver solutions with broad applications in the business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) spaces. RAIDA Engage™ provides a highly scalable, ultra-secure platform for incentivized customer engagement, data storage & transfer, digital communications and commercial transactions.

RAIDA Engage™  offers a token framework for incentivizing, engaging and rewarding customers utilizing a globally-deployed decentralized security and authentication protocol similar in many ways to blockchain technology, but solving many of its drawbacks. RAIDA Engage™ relies on a DNS-based authentication and consensus model that makes it infinitely faster, safer and less expensive than blockchains, which remain cumbersome, complex and expensive for use in high-volume commercial transactions.

RAIDA is the Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents. RAIDA has data-supremacy like blockchain, meaning it cannot be brought down, controlled or manipulated. Yet RAIDA is faster, more secure, totally private, more energy efficient, quantum-safe and is scalable to the entire world's population. RAIDA does what blockchain simply can't do. It is a provisionally patented, next-generation system on a global scale.

About RAIDAtech

The mission of RAIDATech is to create data storage systems that provide "Data Supremacy" so that data is confidential and available with integrity so that it cannot be disturbed by Hackers, Governments, Tech Giants, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers. RAIDAtech was formed in July 2018 with exclusive license to develop applications for the provisionally-patented RAIDA technology, a quantum-safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable global system for engagement, authentication and counterfeit detection. RAIDAtech is a research, technology and Solutions with Services (SwS) company with several core products/services, applications in development and applications in beta.

RAIDA technology brings authentication to another dimension and delivers a vast number of new solutions with applications for consumer brands, healthcare, communications, fintech and other verticals.


times faster than blockchain. Capable of at least 160,000 transactions per second. RAIDA grows more efficient as the network grows, while blockchain bogs down & is not scalable.


Three-sextillion times stronger security than cryptography. RAIDA simply cannot be hacked.


times more energy efficient than blockchain. Affordable for users and good for the environment.

RAIDAtech Solutions

RAIDAtech is developing a wide range of applications for RAIDA technology including secure cloud-based solutions for customer engagement, communications, financial services, information technology, business operations, education, healthcare and other fields.

Security Tokenization

Tokenizing ownership with a simple, compliant platform to generate investment and enhance liquidity. Learn More...

Goods Anti-Counterfeiting

Providing the best, most affordable authentication technology available for consumables & physical goods. Learn More...

Collectible Anti-Counterfeiting

Stopping counterfeiters with patented technology that protects collectibles & makes trading better. Learn More...

Digital Cash

Utilizing proprietary technology to create superior digital currencies that are scalable, fast & secure. Learn More...

Digital Rights Management

Pioneering information and control routing strategies with AI applications.

Secure Financial Transactions

Creating new, more secure means of trading, protecting and utilizing financial assets.

Privacy For Medical & Consumer Records

Protecting personal privacy while allowing better transmission of information.

Email, Chat & Text

Enabling secure & private communications.

Video & Conferencing

Empowering encrypted, secure video storage and transmission.

Our Team

Sean Worthington

Founder and CEO

Sean Worthington is a computer science professor turned philosopher, inventor and author. He has created the Informational Theory of Perfect Money and developed the world’s first discrete digital cash that does not require public ledgers or user accounts. His startup company RAIDAtech developed a proof-of-concept currency called CloudCoin. CloudCoin is 40,000 times more energy efficient than blockchain-based currencies, quantum safe, and scalable. Worthington hopes to license his technology to central banks because it is the best possible currency that will save hundreds of billions in costs associated with physical cash. Learn more at

Ace Fogerson

Business Administration

Manages HR, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Legal

Sergiy Chernyshov

VP Development

Manages automated testing, QA and Client Development

Pramod Krishna

VP Global Opportunities

Expert in anti counterfeiting and consumer engagement solutions.More

Yoshikazu Noda

Server Developer

One of four developers who created the server-side software.

Ilya V. Vlasyuk

Representative, Czech Republic

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