RAIDA Broadcast

Your product broadcasts its authenticity to the world using the only technology that makes this possible

RAIDA is the only authenticity technology that cannot be copied. RAIDA is a highly-scalable, ultra-secure platform for incentivized customer engagement, digital communication and commercial transactions.

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Provide authentic and safe products to your customers

Turn the

Now consumers cannot be confederates of the counterfeiters. Products themselves get a voice.

Retain the brand value

Bring trust in your authentic products to your customers with our anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Sell more

Customers will know instantly where they too can buy authentic products.

Low-cost and energy-efficient

Reduce carbon emission, lower cost and add brand value as an environmentally-friendly industry.

What is RAIDA Broadcast?

RAIDA Broadcast is a counterfeiting technology that broadcasts to the world the authenticity of the product. Unlike other technologies where only the owner knows the product’s authenticity, RAIDA allows everyone with a mobile phone to see the brand authenticity, thus bringing brand awareness to a larger scale.

Everyone can authenticate

While other technologies allow only the owner to verify the product’s authenticity, RAIDA Broadcast allows anyone to verify its authenticity by scanning from a distance of up to 10 meters using their mobile phone.

Safest in the business

The unique product ID on the chip cannot be tampered with, counterfeited and hacked by hackers, governments and even technologies like AI and quantum computation.

Higher-level authentication

Unlike QR code, it contains the unique ID backed by a post-blockchain technology so that there can be only one ID for one product that is cross-verified with all the IDs in the database.

How it works


Embed a low-energy Bluetooth chip with a virtual currency as a unique ID onto your products.

Scan on the go

Anyone with your brand’s app or website can scan the product for the chip from a distance of up to 10 meters.

Verify authenticity

When the user scans, the unique ID of the product is cross-verified with those on the RAIDA servers.

Be the first to embrace this cutting-edge technology.

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