The most efficient payment system

Our technology works beyond blockchain by creating a more efficient solution for energy usage, cost, time and bandwidth.

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Unlock benefits for your digital currency's needs

Fastest payment transaction

Make millions of transactions per second, averaging 0.5s per transaction.

True discrete digital cash

Control for the authorities while having a decentralized approach for end-user privacy and security.

Safest and most reliable in the world

Impossible to hack, counterfeit, tamper with or damage digital assets or currencies.

Low carbon emission and sustainable

Increase the value of your brand by using our low-carbon emission technology.

Why choose us?

Globally scalable

RAIDA helps you quickly expand your business across the globe, allowing you to provide a variety of choices for your customers.

Data Supremacy

Data supremacy describes data structures that can’t be hacked or taken down by anyone at any cost. Only the blockchain, root DNS and RAIDA have achieved Data Supremacy.

How can CBDCs do better with our technology?

  1. Much less expensive to create, transport and handle.
  2. No fees on the physical layer. There may be ATM fees, Bank fees, etc, but no fees for changing hands. Even hundreds of thousands of transactions.
  3. Much less expensive to authenticate.
  4. Huge increase in money velocity. There is no friction in velocity so your economy will have the maximum velocity possible with today's technology.
  5. Impossible to counterfeit in the traditional sense. Counterfeiters would have to change software so that it is a confederate of the attacker. This is true with every detail currency.
  6. The greenest money in the world thanks to its efficiency.
  7. Easy to use. No special accounts or signups are neccessary. The whole numbers are easy to think about.
  8. Can be inflated by increasing the amount of money that every individual has (Splitting the money). This improves the precision of the money without having crazy fractions like 2.38887466763.
  9. Private. People will not use money if they know it is being tracked and that they are being spied on. RAIDA-based currencies are the only digital currencies that are legal under the 4th Amendment.
  10. Transactions usually take less time than is humanly noticeable. The fastest payment system in the world.
  11. Scalable to the entire world's population.
  12. Cannot be double-spent.
  13. Can be indpendent of banking systems and even the government.
  14. Most importantly, it cannot be hacked or altered by hackers, governments, artificial intelligence, tech giants or even the system admins who administrate it.

RAIDA-based currency is exactly like cash, only it is digital. This means nations don't have to change their entire financial sector. This is often a difficult concept for people to grasp because they over think it. Instead of people holding paper dollars and metal coins in their wallet, they hold digital files in their cell phones, USB drives and home computers.

  • Banks: You will still need banks to store money. The only difference is that banks will store the money on hard drives that are in their vaults instead of paper and coins.
  • ATMs: ATMs will still be needed. The difference is that they will give the user files instead of paper.
  • RAIDA-based currencies work with existing payment systems including the ones at grocery stores. No need to change all the cash registers and payment systems.
  • Our technology overcomes the issue of using blockchain for CBDCs by making it quantum-safe, faster than ever and globally scalable. With all access required by the central bank, CBDCs using our technology work similarly to the physical currencies with denominations and serial numbers, except virtually. This way, the central banks have the same control as it does over digital cash over physical money. By giving every power to the central banks, we also provide the end-user their right to privacy, safety, and more.

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    What makes RAIDA-based currencies superior?

    Less electricity

    The most energy-efficient digital currency in the world - Uses less electricity than a house.

    Fastest digital currency

    The fastest digital currency in the world. Transactions take less than 1 second.

    Private currency

    The most private currency in the world. No user accounts. No transaction records.

    Recover if lost

    The only digital currency that can be recovered if lost.

    No fees

    The only digital currency that has no fees. This is due to its high efficiency.

    Easily scalable

    The most scalable currency in the world and can process the entire world’s transactions.

    Easy to use

    The easiest currency to use. It works similarly to digital cash and uses no ledgers.

    Easy to mitigate

    The only digital currency that makes it easy to mitigate the risk of theft.

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