True Discrete Digital Cash

No Public Ledgers, No Central Databases. Just Like Real Money!

If you want to add digital cash to your monetary system, no technology beats RAIDA-based currencies (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). We started by developing the "Informational Theory of Perfect Money" and used that philsophy to design and test the world's best digital currency experiment. See CloudCoin

Unique Patented Properties For Real Digital Cash

  • Data Supremacy: You can set it up so that not even you can bring it down or hack it.
  • 100% Private. No accounts, logins or public ledgers required.
  • Globally Scalable. Can handle all the worlds transactions.
  • Inexpensive. 10,000 times more efficent than blockchain technology.
  • Ends Counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is not possible.
  • No systemic risk of users losing coins. Users can recover lost coins and take actions to reduce risk of loss.
  • No perminant loss.
  • Quantum safe. Not even supercomputers can't hack it.
  • No systemic risk of theft. Users take actions to reduce risk of theft.
  • Transacts in milliseconds. Contacts servers in parallel instead of serial like Blockchain.
  • Cross over currency. Can go in and out of video games and applications.
  • Supply can be fixed.
  • Can save hundreds of millions in printing costs

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